Breaking Dawn Like-A-Thon Part 2 -- CLOSED!!!

Okay you Twilighters, we've got a limited number of passes for the final chapter of a girl and a vampire...and a werewolf, (and maybe a frankenstein??).
Screening WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14th at 7:30pm @ Harkins Bricktown Theatre.
5 Lucky winners will get passes for up to four people!
2 of those winners will not only get passes, but also these cool prize packs: 
Since this is a big one we're looking for the serious fans. So to enter win by

1) Liking Us On Facebook (if you haven't already) CLICK HERE
2) Sharing our Twilight spoof with Count Gregore on Facebook (bonus points for tagging us) 
    Here's the URL to copy & paste:
3) Email us at with your NAME, and LINK to your facebook page (so we can double check if you're honest.)

Thanks to all who entered! We have 5 winners 2 of which get the prize packs.
Congrats go to:
Curtis S. and Samantha for winning the packs and Catherine G, Shanna W, and Tiffany R. for passes.
As we said before, we didn't get many to this one so we appreciate the extra effort everyone took to enter. If we get more swag we'll spread to all...

For complete contest rules CLICK HERE


  1. Lawrence Larson,
    I just posted the video on my facebook and tagged you guys in it my facebook is

  2. Tara Williams luck everyone!!!

  3. Done!!! I hope I win!!

  4. Tricia J

    Hope I did everything correctly

  5. Done and Done!
    Misty Stover

  6. This is a great contest which I am very excited about!

  7. The trailer is so frickin' hilarious, LOL all the way..